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Маршрутизатор Zyxel LTE4506-M606, LTE4506-M606-EU01V1F, белый

LTE4506 – это портативный маршрутизатор нового поколения, соответствующий стандарту LTE Category 6. Технология Carrier Aggregation обеспечивает скорость загрузки данных из Интернета до 300 Mbps, что вдвое быстрее по сравнению с Category 4 и вдвое быстрее проводного Fast Ethernet.

9258 RUR

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Joe Calloway Becoming a Category of One. How Extraordinary Companies Transcend Commodity and Defy Comparison

A revised and updated edition of the bestselling «no-nonsense guide to beating the competition.»-Publisher's Weekly Becoming a Category of One reveals how extraordinary companies do what they do so well and gives you the tools and ideas to help your business emulate their success. Packed with real case studies and personal reflections from successful business leaders, it helps you apply the best practices of the best companies to set yourself apart from your competitors and turn your business into a market leader. Whether you run a multinational corporation or a two-person start-up company, the lessons you'll find here apply to any business. This Second Edition includes a new chapter on «tie breakers,» updated examples of today's category of one companies, and special contributions from business experts, bestselling authors, and CEOs on the future category of one business. Revised and updated to remain relevant to today's market conditions and new innovations A new edition of the bestselling title from the author of Indispensable and Work Like You're Showing Off Today's struggling economy puts even greater importance on the theory and practice of business differentiation This edition includes 20 percent new material; if you liked the original edition, you'll love this new Second Edition Reliable, proven advice that works for businesses of any size in any industry Now more than ever, you have to differentiate your business from the competition to succeed. Becoming a Category of One gives you the blueprint for building your own extraordinary business.

1330.75 RUR



Беспроводной роутер ASUS 4G-AC53U, черный

Беспроводной маршрутизатор с поддержкой высокоскоростного стандарта мобильной связи LTE Category 6. Достаточно вставить в него SIM-карту, и он будет раздавать мобильный интернет по беспроводному интерфейсу Wi-Fi 802.11ac (на общей скорости до 733 Мбит/с) и проводным портам Gigabit Ethernet.

12440 RUR

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Rustam Ksenofontov How to tame your demons. And become the master of your thoughts

This book is dedicated to the heroes looking for their place in the world. Its goal is to teach the reader to control their inner attention and shift it as necessary: e.g. from the negative focus to the positive one or from the slackness to efficiency. By controlling attention one can learn to shift their thoughts from the category of kings to the category of loyal servants and then (only then!) one will be able to act according their true desires without reference to their fears and quirks.

228 RUR



Natalia Esenina Dreams Come True. Мечты сбываются

Do you have a dream? No, not plans and goals. No need to achieve success in life. We do not doubt that you have them. Our question does not refer to this, not to logic, but to such an intangible category as dreams.Perhaps these are unrealizable dreams, it’s not scary if they seem to you to be “frivolous” or “childish”.

120 RUR



Подогреватель для бутылочек Chicco Travel

Весы Soehnle Travel 66172

роутер wifi ASUS 4G-AC53U

Все для офиса Asus 4G-AC53U Модель ASUS 4G-AC53U представляет собой беспроводной двухдиапазонный маршрутизатор с поддержкой технологии мобильной связи LTE Category 6. Достаточно вставить в него SIM-карту, и появится возможность раздавать мобильный интернет по беспроводному интерфейсу Wi-Fi 802.11ac со скоростью передачи данных до 733 Мбит/с, а также проводным портам Gigabit Ethernet. Маршрутизатор отличается простотой настройки и прекрасно подходит для неопытных пользователей.

12950 RUR

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Ирригатор Jetpik JP200 Travel

Сумка Incase Travel Duffel with Diamond Ripstop (светло-серый)

Travel Duffel with Diamond Ripstop (светло-серый)

5260 RUR

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By Kilian Travel Spray Набор

Noir Aphrodisiac Парфюмерная вода, 7.5 мл Apple Brandy Парфюмерная вода, 7.5 мл Royal Leather Парфюмерная вода, 7.5 мл Lemon In Zest Парфюмерная вода, 7.5 мл Флакон-контейнер

15150 RUR

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салфетки влажные Salfeti Travel универсальные 50шт.

/Salfeti Travel/ 50шт.,

77 RUR



Лонгслив Printio Travel cars

Лонгслив — цвет: белый, пол: Муж.

1043 RUR

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Майка классическая Printio Travel cars

Майка классическая — цвет: белый, пол: Муж.

719 RUR

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Сумка Travel Consol Bag для Sony Playstation 4 PRO

Термокружка 0.35 л LaPlaya Travel Tumbler Bubble Safe (560116)